Week 3: Websites of the day

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I decided to check out Larry Ferlazzo’s blog “Websites of the day” and I found something that really pertained to me and my area of concentration, ESL.  I am very excited to be an ESL instructor and learn about all that is involved with that.  When I found the post about Geography sites for English Language Learners I thought I better keep that one around so I can access it easily.  Since I really am not an expert on any other language besides English, I know I am going to have to use as many tools and resources as possible.  Every child loves games and responds to them pretty well no matter what country they are from.  If you click on the different links that he has hyper linked, you can play around with the sites and decide what would best accommodate your students.  When it comes to ELL students, you need to know the best ways to reach them.  It is your responsibility to make sure they are learning their second language in the most efficient way.  I encourage you to check out more of Larry’s postings because they can be really helpful in any classroom setting!

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